The Advantages And Problems of Right Angle Reducer

- Oct 13, 2020-

Firstly, what are the advantages of the right angle reducer:

1. Light weight and high rigidity: The combination of the aluminum alloy profile base and the linear guide rail realizes the two important characteristics of the slide rail of the right-angle reducer, light weight and high rigidity. Lightweight makes the equipment compact and light; high rigidity represents high precision, and aluminum alloy raw materials are inexpensive, reducing costs. The sliding table and the base are installed on the linear guide rail after passing through the anode, and the base and the sliding table are matched to realize the stability of the load-bearing capacity of the module sliding table. The load displacement is small, and the bearing quality or load changes can also maintain high stability.

2. Corrosion resistance: The base of the right-angle reducer block and the slider base that have passed the quality certification are made of aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy surface has been treated with anti-corrosion passive and natural color anodizing treatment, which has high corrosion resistance and wear resistance. In addition, the stainless steel plate linear slide rail and the mounting screws are made of electroplated nickel raw materials, so the entire linear module slide rail device has complete corrosion resistance.

3. Standardization of components: The components of the right-angle reducer are strictly produced in accordance with the standards. In handling, transmission, and conveying operations, horizontal and vertical module components can be used. The utility model can replace the air cylinder with an electric working slide. Low cost, long service life and convenient maintenance.


Secondly, the problems that should be paid attention to in the right angle reducer

1. Pay attention to the precision and durability of the reducer;

The precision persistence here is the basic ability of the module slider to maintain the original geometric precision during the specific implementation process, which has a lot to do with the dimensional stability and wear resistance of the guide rail.

2. Pay attention to the guiding accuracy of the reducer;

The guiding accuracy here refers to the accuracy level of the trajectory of the sliding rail of the right-angle reducer during the movement of the guiding surface. In all aspects, the main factor affecting the accuracy is the stiffness maintained by the oil film.