The Advantages and Disadvantages of Precision Planetary Reducer

- Apr 01, 2021-

High rigidity, high load, high efficiency, high...... these are the main slogans of the sellers in the market to promote precision planetary reducers. Obviously  these so-called high feature cannot give consumers any confidence. This has led to many consumers feel difficult to select the right models when purchasing.


1. The connection adaptability of the drivers

The precision planetary reducer needs to be used together with the driving equipment, but the driving equipment of each consumer is completely different. In other words, if one reducer cannot be compatible with various driving equipment, it will inevitably be difficult to meet the needs of many consumers. And when the drive equipment is replaced, it will also have a negative impact on usage.


2: Speed ratio and power conditions

The precision planetary reducer has two types, one is small planetary reducer, and the other is large planetary reducer. The power conditions for these two types are different. The former is mainly high power and speed ratio should be within 20; while small power is generally matched with a large planetary reducer.


3. Product parameters and customization requirements

In addition to the difference in driving equipment, consumers also have certain requirements to the parameters of the precision planetary reducer, such as no-load speed, load speed etc. If one seller is unable to provide customized products, it means that there must be deficiencies in his technology, which makes the manufacturer strength and their products quality cannot be completely trusted.


Conclusion : for the standard of choosing the precision planetary reducer, adaptability is the first consideration. As for the small and big sizes, there is no distinction if they are good or bad, just judge that if they can meet the needs. And for for the manufacturers customization capabilities, it is only one of the reflection for the manufacturers strength.