Split adjustment of cam splitter

- Jan 19, 2021-

A major factor that affects the accuracy and life of the divider is adjustment. The ex-factory products of the divider are obtained by carefully assembling and adjusting precision machined parts. Inappropriate adjustments will affect the accuracy of the segmentation, impact and noise will occur, and the splitter will not reach the expected speed and endurance. Thus shortening the life of the divider.


1. Adjustment of the distance between axes: If the divider has been used and worn for a long time and there is a gap in the positioning work area, the gap must be eliminated by adjusting the distance between the shafts. This can be done by synchronously adjusting the eccentric sleeves at both ends of the input shaft.


 2. Adjustment of input and output axial position: The axial position of the cam divider can be adjusted by adjusting the lock nuts on both sides of the cam or the bearing glands on both sides of the input shaft. It is possible to adjust the axial position of the split wheel by adjusting the bearing glands at both ends of the output shaft or the lock nut at the rear end. Note here: The splitter has been carefully adjusted at the factory, and users are not allowed to adjust it privately to prevent misadjustment.