Some requirements for the installation environment of the planetary reducer

- Jan 16, 2021-

Many new users generally think that as long as they follow the correct installation steps, the stepper planetary reducer can be started and used smoothly, etc., but in fact, the correct installation of the reducer is far from enough, and it needs to be carried out in an environment that meets its installation requirements. Installation, so that you can really ensure the installation quality of the reducer. The following editor will take you to understand the relevant knowledge of the installation environment of the stepping planetary reducer:

1. The stepping planetary reducer generally needs to be installed on a horizontal plane with an inclination not exceeding 10°. If the inclination is greater than 10° due to special needs, please contact the company before use to discuss related matters.   

2. The installation foundation should be firm and reliable, and there should be no vibration or looseness. The fixing screws should be selected in strict accordance with relevant standards and regulations.    3. The mounting screws should be checked from time to time to see if they are tightened, and the fixing is firm, and spring washers should be used as far as possible.   

4. When the input shaft and output shaft are connected with the power and supporting machinery, if the coupling is used, the shaft and the shaft are required to be strictly aligned, and there should be no misalignment. The use of V-belts and chains should not be too tight or too loose.