Solution to Oil Leakage of Precision Planetary Reducer!

- Sep 27, 2020-

How to deal with the oil leakage of the precision planetary reducer? The following editor will talk about it for you;

1. When the seals are aging, poor quality, improper assembly, and high shaft surface roughness will cause small leakage, then you need to wipe and clean the oil.


2. It is necessary to check whether the oil seal is reversed, whether the lip is damaged, whether the outer edge is deformed, and whether the spring falls off.


3. The use of a new type of sealing material for sticky plugging will generally not cause leakage. If oil leakage still occurs, you can use a remedial agent for sticky plugging.


4. It is necessary to prevent excess lubricating oil from accumulating at the shaft seal, and the lubricating oil must flow back to the oil pool in a certain direction.


5. Due to the difference in pressure, the oil leakage of the equipment will also be caused. It is best to improve the vent cap to solve it. Although the equipment has a vent cap in the province, the air vent of the vent cap itself is relatively small, which will cause oil clogging.


The above is the solution to the oil leakage of the planetary reducer, I hope it can help you.