Routine Maintenance of Right Angle Reducer

- Oct 17, 2020-

Right-angle reducers are very common in the industry, and many mechanical equipment have requirements for the installation dimensions of the right-angle reducers. For example, if a parallel shaft reducer is used for a motor installed on one side, it will protrude the block, which is unsightly and wastes space. At this time, a right-angle reducer is required. The right-angle reducer adopts a hypoid deceleration structure, and the transmission efficiency is up to very high, far exceeding the traditional RV reducer can reduce the use of a lot of space, and it will not affect the structure and operation of the product.


The daily maintenance of the right-angle reducer is the same as other gear motors, and it will still be different. Let us discuss it as following;

Like most gear motors, the protection level of the right-angle reducer is IP44 by default. If the customer has requirements, such as dusty working environments or outdoor operating conditions, IP54 is required. Protection level, I believe everyone has noticed that the waterproof level is 4, which can only splash water. Therefore, a right-angle reducer is usually used. If water droplets are found on the body, it needs to be wiped dry immediately, otherwise the water will penetrate into the motor and be very easy to damage .

The gearbox part of the right-angle reducer is set to be maintenance-free at the beginning of the design, and there is no oil hole. Therefore, customers do not need to worry about the oil in the gearbox when using the gearbox, but must check the oil seal regularly. Since the oil seal is a rubber product, it takes a long time to operate, so the shaft will be easily aging if it rotates for a long time. If oil leakage is found, you need to contact the manufacturer immediately. If the oil leakage is not serious, please replace the oil seal yourself. If there are more oil leaks, you can only return to the factory to refuel and replace the oil seal.