Routine Maintenance of Right Angle Reducer

- Sep 22, 2020-

Right-angle reducers are particularly common in the field of industrial production. Many equipment has requirements for the installation specifications of the geared motor. For example, the geared motor installed on the side, if you choose a parallel shaft reducer, it will protrude. Blocks are not good-looking and consume extra space. At this time, you must choose a right-angle reducer.


The right-angle reducer chooses a hypoid reduction structure. The transmission speed exceeds 90%, which is far more than 20% of the traditional reducer. It can greatly reduce the use space and does not interfere with the product structure and operation. So it needs daily maintenance the same as other geared motors, or will it be different? Let’s discuss it with you next.


Like most geared motors, in areas where customers have requirements, such as workplaces with a lot of smoke and dust, or working conditions that require outdoor operation, a certain degree of protection is necessary. I believe everyone has noticed that the largest waterproof level is 4, which can only be used for splashing water. Therefore, if you detect water droplets on the fuselage with a right-angle reducer, be sure to wipe it dry immediately, or the water can easily damage the motor if water seeps into the motor.


The gearbox part of the right angle reducer is set to be maintenance-free at the beginning of the design, so there is no oil hole. Therefore, customers are worried about the problem of the gearbox oil when they use it, but the oil seal must be maintained regularly. Since the oil seal is a rubber and plastic product, it will be exposed to high temperature for a long time when the shaft is rotating, and it is easy to wear out. If you detect oil leakage, you must contact the manufacturer immediately. If the oil leakage is not serious, you can remove and replace the oil seal by yourself. If there is a lot of oil leakage, you can only return to the factory to refuel and remove the oil seal.


In the process of adopting a right-angle reducer, be sure to clean up the dust on the surface of the reducer regularly, and pay attention to whether there is abnormal noise. If there is abnormal noise, stop the operation immediately, then check and remove the problem before it can be used again. . There are many reasons for the abnormal noise. It may be that the installation is not tight, the phenomenon of vibration during operation, it may also be that the concerntricity is not paid enough attention to when the shaft is installed, or it may be caused by the collapse of the transmission gear in the reduction box. It must be checked and cleared before it can be used again.