Reveal The Difference Between Planetary Reducer And General Reducer for You

- Sep 26, 2020-

The first thing to say is what the working principle of the general reducer is. When the general reducer is working, it uses a transmission device with a relatively low speed and a relatively large torque. Internal combustion engine or other high-speed power equipment is transmitted to the shaft through the reducer, and then the pinion gear rotates more quickly, and the large gear is large in size but rotates slowly. The effect of the large gear and the small gear, the output principle formed by the combination of characteristics becomes the purpose of deceleration. This has some similarities with the transmission of a car steering wheel.


Lets talk about the planetary reducer. The biggest difference between the two is that they have a completely different internal structure. Compared with the traditional reducer, the biggest and most important part of the planetary reducer is the gearbox. The gear structure of the gearbox is more complex, and the deceleration effect formed by the multiple transmission method is more obvious. Although the internal structure looks a lot more complicated, it will not affect future repairs and maintenance at all, and it has greatly improved the efficiency of production and which works incomparable with ordinary reducers, and it is also the reason why ordinary reducers are gradually replaced by planetary reducers.