Replacement Steps Of Reducer Gear Oil

- Nov 30, 2020-

After the reducer gear oil has been used for a certain period, the reducer gear oil should be replaced in time, because if the reducer gear oil is not replaced in time, and the expired or turbid lubricating oil may cause the following conditions in the reducer: bearing temperature rises, The working temperature is too high, the noise becomes louder, the reducer oil leaks, abnormal heat, etc. The following briefly introduces the replacement steps of reducer oil and gear oil:


1. After cooling, the viscosity of the oil increases and it is difficult to drain the oil. The reducer should change the oil at the operating temperature.


2. Cut off the power to prevent electric shock! Wait for the reducer to cool down and there is no danger of burning! Note: The reducer should still be warm when changing the oil.


3. Place an oil pan under the oil drain plug.


4. Open the oil level plug, breather and oil drain plug.


5. Remove all the oil.


6. Install the oil drain plug.


7. Inject new oil of the same brand.


8. The amount of oil should be consistent with the installation position.


9. Check the oil level at the oil level plug.


10. Tighten the oil level plug and breather.