Reducer Special Edition-Industrial Application of Helical Gear Reducer

- Dec 23, 2020-

Roller table is an indispensable production equipment for steel metal work-piece manufacturers. During the production process, roller table can ensure to be simple, convenient and safe transportation and complete production of common work-pieces. The roller table can achieve so many functions, and it has an inseparable connection with many internal structures and devices, such as helical gear reducers.

The helical gear reducer is a very important equipment in the roller table. Several motors are needed inside each roller table. The main reason is that the volume of the roller table is large, so one motor cannot drive the entire roller table to work and run. So you need to rely on more than one. The structure of the helical gear reducer is very compact, but it is also very strong, and at the same time it is a fully enclosed structure, so in the operation process, the operation process is completed internally, and will not affect the human body and machinery, so that the roller realizes the characteristics of safety.


The helical gear reducer can achieve a high torque load during operation, thereby ensuring the operating time and weight of the roller table, and expanding the application range of the roller table. The fully enclosed structure of the motor also ensures that the interior is not easily affected by the external environment, and is not prone to water accumulation. It effectively avoids the corrosion of internal metal materials, thereby prolonging its service life and ensuring the roller long-term use of the rail.