Reducer Enters Foreign Markets

- Nov 27, 2020-

Reducer has entered the domestic market since 2000, with more than 300 various processing and production equipment, specializing in the production of reducers, speed changers and turbine screw lifts. After several years of hard work, it has become a leader in the industry, and its output ranks among the best in China. Since 2004, with the company's integration, helical gear reducers have become the company's leading product, targeting the high-end reducer market, and in 2006, the planetary gear reducer was successful and put into the market in the following years. After several years of experience accumulation, the company's helical gear reducer and planetary gear reducer, its business gradually increased from small orders to large-scale orders, and further more the feedback is very good.


From 2012 to 2014, the company emphatically participated in electric mechanical product exhibitions in Germany, Italy, Israel, Switzerland, South Africa and other countries. The company is full of expectations and confidence in entering foreign markets! For future development, we will also fully develop in the fields of helical gear reducers, planetary gear reducers and other fields. G+ is an enterprise that has entered foreign fields and developed in many aspects by taking helical gear reducers and planetary gear reducers as an opportunity. In future, the growth point in this field will be an important part of our corporate development.