Reasons for Oil Leakage of Planetary Reducer

- Dec 24, 2020-

Oil leakage often occur on planetary gearboxes. Many people think this is a sign that the gearbox is about to be scrapped, actually not. Now, we will introduce in detail how to deal with the oil leakage of the planetary reducer.


Reasons for oil leakage on part of the planetary reducer:

 ⑴ Seal failure;

 ⑵ The box body is deformed;

 ⑶ The split surface is uneven;

 ⑷ The connecting bolt is loose.


Measures can be taken for oil leakage :

 ⑴ Replace the seal;

 ⑵ Overhaul the split surface of the box body, and replace it if it is deformed seriously;

 ⑶ Split face to level;

 Clean the oil tank and tighten the bolts.