Price Analysis on Synchronous Belt Linear Module

- Dec 08, 2020-

Synchronous belt linear module is mainly composed of aluminum profile, guide rail, and synchronous belt. Usually users pay more attention to the configuration when choosing the linear module of the synchronous belt, because different configurations determine the different performance of the linear module, and also affect the price of the linear module. So what factors affect the price of the synchronous belt linear module?


1. Configuration: Compare prices under the same configuration and same function. Because of the same function and different configurations, the price is also very different. A good configuration can make the product run smoothly and have a long lifespan. For example, timing belts have many specifications. High-quality timing belts have a large force and a long lifespan, so the cost is higher.


2. Brand: The price of imported products is more than twice that of domestic products; while foreign brands are assembled in China, and the price is more than double the price of domestic products; the price of Hong Kong and Taiwan brand products is about one-third higher than that of domestic brand products. The prices of domestic brands will also be different. Inspect and consider the design, assembly and service capabilities among various factories, and then compare their prices. Products that lower prices compromised on quality are very common in the market.


3. Function: When determining the function of the belt linear module, the main considerations include: effective stroke, motion accuracy, load, operating speed and other main factors. Firstly clarify your own needs, and ask for quotation from different manufacturers according to your needs and compare prices.


The above three points are about the factors that affect the price of the belt linear module. And the third point is the key one, because only the product meets the needs is a cost-effective choice for users. Saini Intelligent has specialized in the production of rotary actuator, linear modules, planetary reducer, cam indexer etc for years. Welcome to consult us for your demand!