Precautions When Using Hollow Rotating Platform

- Oct 09, 2020-

The hollow rotating platform is widely used, and it can be seen in many industries. We all know that any equipment will have some precautions during use, so the hollow rotating platform is no exception. Explain to you as following:


1. When using the product, avoid excessive impact on the assembly pulley, connecting key and mechanical key.


2. The product cannot exceed the allowable torque, otherwise the bolts of the product may be shaken and damaged.


3. Be careful when connecting the product to the load.


3. We also need to be careful when handling product edges and inspections.


4. When we use the product, our hands and other foreign objects cannot touch the rotating shaft.


5. The product cannot be disassembled or reassembled to avoid affecting product performance.


7. If you feel abnormal when using the product, stop working immediately, otherwise it will affect the system.