Precautions For Manual Sliding Table

- Dec 12, 2020-

What should be paid attention to when using manual sliding table?


1) According to the needs of site and tool installation area equipment, use two stable screw holes or mounting brackets below to directly or additionally protect or use other machines.


2) Pay attention to the angle of the traction rope during installation, that is, try to make the mechanism from the rope outlet to the moving part of the traction rope slide linearly during operation, and try to keep the angle deviation to a minimum to ensure the measurement accuracy and the service life of the cable For long-stroke vertical installation, it is recommended to install the winch body at the bottom and pull the rope upward.


3) The traction rope itself is made of stainless steel and fluorine coating. Don't let it be subjected to external force, burn, cut and impact: there are too many fragments, dust or items that can damage the cable in the internal pulley or outlet. It will damage the cable and cause the operation to fail.


4) If it is not installed in front of a stable seat or manual sliding table, it is forbidden to pull out the wire rope by hand or other products to make it bounce back instantly, which will cause the wire rope to break and damage the body structure and personal safety.


5) If the mechanism is used for non-linear motion, please install an appropriate pulley for operation, and link the curve motion with the linear motion. If it is used in harsh environments or special occasions, please assemble the protective mechanism by yourself.