Eight Precautions for Installing a Hollow Rotary Table

- Oct 22, 2019-

The servo hollow rotary table is a brand-new rotary load device. The hollow rotary table and the servo planetary reducer are both reducers. The hollow rotary table reducer combines high transmission power, high precision, high rigidity and high cost performance. The rotary table reducer also combines the advantages of servo motors, cam splitters and DD motors to achieve a balance between these products.

Compared with other similar positioning transmission products, the hollow rotary table soymilk can meet the direct load of a pair of load that the servo motor can't do, and can compensate for the lack of positioning of the splitter at any angle. The accuracy is comparable to DD. The motor, but the cost is much lower than the DD motor. The hollow rotary table is used with the servo motor to fully meet your requirements for circumferential positioning control. After understanding the advantages of the hollow rotating platform, we will learn about the eight precautions for installing the hollow rotating platform with the manufacturer of the hollow rotary table reducer.

Before installing the hollow rotary table, read the following installation precautions and install the hollow rotary table reducer as follows.

1, should be installed indoors (not directly in contact with the sun)

2. Areas without heat radiation

3, working environment temperature: 0-50 degrees

4, the temperature below the origin sensor: 0-42 degrees

5, working environment temperature: less than 85%

6, there is no flammable and explosive acid gas

7, can block dust. Oil and splashing place

8. Places that are not subject to direct vibration and excessive impact.


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