Precautions After Long-Term (2000 Hours) Use of Planetary Reducer

- Jan 15, 2021-

The planetary reducer needs to be maintained during use to ensure normal performance, extend the service life, and improve economic benefits. Now Gigager engineer will explain you those precautions for the planetary reducer after long-term use (more than 2000 hours).

 planetary reducer series

1. Check whether the gear appears pitting corrosion. In the actual operation process, it may be caused by low heat treatment or improper use of lubricating oil;


2. Check whether the planetary reducer is leaking oil. Oil leakage often appears at the driving shaft and the seal of the driven shaft head. The paint is the sealing ring of the driving shaft. Tighten the fixing bolts completely or install the sealing gasket;


3. Check the gear wear of the planetary reducer. It is necessary to add suitable anti-wear additives when the lubricating oil is sufficient. Add several magnetic substance to the oil tank to absorb metal particles and reduce the content of metal particles in the lubricating fluid.


4. Check the screws of the fixed parts of the reducer, including anchor screws, end cover screws, bearing cover screws, etc., and tighten the loose nuts.