Planetary Reducers Explodes in 2020

- Sep 28, 2020-

The industrial robot is one of the hot industries that attracting attention currently. The planetary reducer is one key component and crucial application in the robot industry chain. Compared with general reducers, robot reducers are required to have the features of short transmission chain, small size, high power, light weight and easy controlling. The planetary reducer makes the robot servo motor run at a suitable speed, and reduces the speed value required by each part of the industrial robot, which improves the rigidity of the mechanical body while achieving greater torque.

In 2019, the estimated industrial robots' new demand for planetary reducers will reach 500,000 sets in China. In addition, assume the general service life is 8-10 years base on current industrial robots in domestic China, the future market demand for domestic planetary reducers will exceed 1 million sets.


In the past, most of the industrial robot reducer manufacturers were from Japan, occupying more than 70% of the planetary reducer market for industrial robots. Nowadays, Chinese helical planetary reducer has also developed tremendously, with significant superior performance, large torque, high precision, high rigidity and strong shock resistance, especially the long guarantee period, which has become overwhelming choice for equipment manufacturer of automotive industrial robots.