Planetary Reducer Accuracy Adjustment Method

- Aug 23, 2019-

There is friction in motion, and friction causes changes in the size, shape and surface quality of related parts, causing wear and increasing the fit clearance between related parts. When the backlash exceeds the reasonable range, the accuracy of the relative motion between the parts can only be ensured by adjusting the backlash.

A. Adjustment of guideway guide accuracy

For ordinary mechanical equipment, whether the gap between the sliding guide rails is suitable or not, usually 0.03mm or 0.04mm thick feeler gauge is inserted into the end face for inspection, and the insertion depth should be less than 20mm. If the rail clearance is not suitable, it must be adjusted in time.

B. Adjustment of the gap between the screw and the nut of the worm gear screw lift

The screw nut drive of the screw lift is one of the most common mechanisms for linear motion. The combination of the lead screw and the nut makes it difficult to achieve no gap. Especially after using one stage, due to wear and tear, it will increase the gap and affect the normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to eliminate the gap between the lead screw and the nut during the maintenance of the equipment.

C. Adjustment of the spindle rotation precision of the planetary reducer

The rotation accuracy of the main shaft of the reducer is generally determined by the bearing on the premise that the machining error of the main shaft itself meets the requirements. The key to adjusting the spindle rotation accuracy is to adjust the clearance of the bearing. Maintaining a reasonable amount of bearing clearance is important for the performance of the spindle components and bearing life. For rolling bearings, working with large clearances not only causes the load to concentrate on the rolling element in the direction of the force, but also causes severe stress concentration at the contact between the inner and outer races of the bearing. Shorten the bearing life, and also cause the drift of the spindle center line, which is easy to cause vibration of the spindle components. Therefore, the adjustment of the rolling bearing must be preloaded, so that a certain amount of interference is generated inside the bearing, which causes a certain amount of elastic deformation at the contact between the rolling element and the inner and outer ring raceways to improve the rigidity of the bearing.

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