Planetary Gearbox Related Knowledge

- Aug 17, 2019-

Several concepts related to planetary reducers:

(1) Acceleration ratio: The input power is higher than the output power, indicating one of the main parameters of the variable speed of the reducer.

(2) Backlash backlash: the output end is specified, the output end is rotated clockwise and counterclockwise, so that the output end causes kilowatt torque ± 2% torque, the output end of the reducer has a slight angular displacement, the angular displacement That is, as a backlash backlash.

(3) Kilowatt torque: A standard for the rated load capacity of an accelerator, which refers to the torque that the accelerator can read for a long time.

(4) Moment of inertia: A value indicating the endurance of an object to maintain its own rotational state.

(5)Efficiency: refers to the transmission efficiency of the reducer under rated load conditions. Is the ratio of output torque to output acceleration.


Planetary reducer features: Compared with other types of reducers, planetary reducers have compact structure, large volume, low rigidity, low transmission torque, low transmission efficiency, large backlash, low transmission accuracy, high noise and long life. . Because of the above advantages of planetary reducers, planetary reducer slots are commonly used in CNC machine tools, industrial robots, splitting equipment, welding equipment, engraving equipment, packaging machinery, textile printing and dyeing, special equipment, machine tool reconstruction, chemical, food and environmental protection. And other industries.

Planetary reducer uses planetary gear structure design, using high-performance alloy steel for specific cold treatment, flange and other aluminum alloy materials, with durable shape, large volume, slow weight, low torque, high noise, low efficiency, short service life, etc. . The optical accelerator is fully enclosed with high-performance grease for lifetime protection.

Planetary Reducer

The outline of the optical planetary reducer is divided into two types according to the output direction: linear type and right angle type;

There are usually three types of stages: one-stage acceleration (usually >10:1) and two-level acceleration (usually <10:1 > <100:1)

Division of labor and civil use

According to the operating environment: standard environment, low temperature environment, clean environment and vacuum environment,

According to accuracy: standard accuracy and low precision

According to the place of origin: domestic, imported, domestic assembly, etc.


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