Performance characteristics of S series worm and oblique planetary reducer

- Jan 11, 2021-

 1. S series helical gear-worm gear motor is a combination of helical gear and worm gear for integrated transmission, which can improve the torque and efficiency of the machine. This series of products have complete specifications, wide speed range, good versatility, adapt to various installation methods, safe and reliable performance, long life, and meet international standards.

  2. The uneven surface of the body has a heat dissipation effect, strong vibration absorption, low temperature rise, and low noise.

  3. The machine has good sealing performance and strong adaptability to the working environment. It can operate continuously in harsh environments such as corrosion and humidity. It has anti-corrosion characteristics and can be stored for a long time.

4. The reducer has high transmission precision and self-locking function. It is especially suitable for running in frequent starting occasions. It can be connected to various reducers and equipped with various types of electric drives. It can be installed in the 90-degree transmission operating position.

  5. The key components of the geared motor are made of highly wear-resistant materials and have undergone special heat treatment. They have the characteristics of high machining accuracy, stable transmission, small size, large carrying capacity and long life.

  6. The reducer can be equipped with various types of motors, forming an electromechanical integration, which fully guarantees the quality of the product. The characteristics of the helical gear-worm gear reducer motor.

Hard-tooth helical gear reducer case body is made of high-strength cast iron, gears are made of 20CrMnTi steel, the tooth surface hardness is maintained HRC58-62 after carburizing treatment, the thickness of the hard layer is> 0.5mm, the bearings are NSK or equivalent brand bearings, so that gear transmission The inter-stage efficiency is as high as 98% to meet the needs of various industries for efficient and stable work under various high-intensity and harsh environments.