Overheating And Oil Leakage Of Helical Gear Reducer Motor

- Dec 18, 2020-

The helical gear reduction motor achieves the purpose of deceleration through the rotation of the helical gear. So what are the faults in the working process of the helical gear motor and how to solve it?

Overheating of the reduceris generally caused by the overload of the helical gear reducer motor or insufficient or excessive lubricating oil during the working process. To solve the problem of overheating of the reducer, you only need to use the oil according to the regulations and check the actual load of the machine. Whats the load of it? Adjust it to the specified value and change to a reducer with a higher power.

The main reasons for the oil leakage of the ventilatorare the excessive amount of poured oil and the installation error of the ventilator. Re-installing the breather and correcting the oil level can solve the problem of oil leakage in the breather of the helical gear motor.

The "helical gear wear" of the helical gear reducer motor is due to the lack of lubricating oil. Every time the helical gear reducer motor is used, the helical gear is constantly consumed and worn, so ensure that there is enough lubricating oil between the helical gear and the worm. very important.