Opportunities and Challenges in Domestic Reducer Market

- Nov 18, 2020-

At present, robot reducers can be roughly divided into five categories according to their structure. Among them, RV reducers and harmonic drive reducers are the mainstream. The former is suitable for medium and heavy-duty industrial robots, while the latter is mainly used for light industrial robots or robotic arms.


In terms of the development of these two types of reducers, the overall market size of China in 2018 was about 3.7 billion yuan, and RV reducers and harmonic drive reducers accounted for 2 billion yuan and 1.7 billion yuan respectively. The market development is relatively good. At the same time, with an average annual growth rate of 18%, the domestic scale is expected to exceed 6 billion yuan in 2020, and the development potential is huge.


However, the domestic reducer is not all smooth sailing even under the good market development. Although the strong demand for automation, the maturity of the robotics industry, the growth of the reducer market, and the support of government policy have all brought development opportunities for domestic reducers; at the same time, the weakness on technology, brand and market share also makes the development of Chinese reducer industry face severe challenges.


At present, Chinese reducer market is monopolized by foreign companies, and their products account for more than half of the domestic market share. At the same time, the core technology of the reducer is firmly controlled by them. What is gratifying is that the enthusiasm of Chinese enterprises has not disappeared. In recent years, a number of powerful enterprises have also emerged in China. Among them, the technical gap between domestic and foreign enterprises has been narrowed in the field of harmonic driver reducers, and domestic products have basically catched up and surpassed in performance.


In the field of RV reducer, although the technical difficulties have not yet been overcome, a number of domestic companies are already trying to catch up!