Noise Analysis of Hollow Rotary Table Reducer

- Aug 01, 2019-

The noise of the hollow rotary table reducer is caused by the vibration caused by the action of the periodic alternating force on the bearing and the casing during the operation of the internal gear. The main criterion for evaluating the quality level of the hollow rotary table reducer (hereinafter referred to as the hollow rotary platform reducer) is its noise value.

Hollow Rotary Table

Manufacturing accuracy and assembly accuracy have a great impact on the noise of hollow table reducers

1.The influence of work smoothness accuracy for noise

The smoothness of the working stability of the gear is required to limit the change of the instantaneous speed ratio of the gear. The error is the angle error that occurs several times per revolution of the gear. It causes the gear to generate impact and vibration during the meshing process to generate gear noise. It is a A high frequency impact sound. The factor that affects the smoothness of work for a gear is his base section error and its involute tooth profile error.

2.The influence of the contact accuracy of the gear for noise.

The comprehensive index for assessing the accuracy of gear contact is the contact punctuation, and the noise of the gear with poor contact must be large. The reasons for the unsatisfactory gear contact are: the tooth tooth error affects the tooth length direction contact, the base segment deviation and the tooth shape error affect the eating direction.

3.The influence of gear motion accuracy for noise

The motion accuracy of the servo reducer gear refers to the accuracy of the transmission motion, that is, the maximum error value of the corner error per revolution of the gear cannot exceed a certain limit. Since the accuracy of the gear motion is a large periodicity (one rotation of the gear) error, the cumulative error of the revolution in the one-rotation of the gear by the radial movement of the gear ring will generate low-frequency noise, but when the cumulative error of the cycle increases, the gear will be built. The meshing impact and the angular velocity change, at which time the noise is significantly increased and a "rumbling" sound is emitted.

4.The influence of wheel eccentricity for noise

The wheel with eccentricity of the wheel body produces an unbalanced centrifugal force during the meshing operation. It is an alternating stress, which causes the vibration of the train wheel to generate noise. Therefore, it is necessary to perform dynamic balance detection on the wheel body.

5.The influence of machining precision of hollow body of rotary rotating platform for noise

The machining accuracy of the box hole has a prominent influence on the noise of the hollow rotary platform reducer. The accuracy of the hole refers to the accuracy of the aperture, the error of the central moment, and the parallelism and inclination of the centerline of each hole. In the production practice, we realized that the matching clearance between the outer ring of the bearing and the hole of the hollow rotating platform reduces the bearing noise. When the gap between the hole and the outer ring of the bearing is about 0.01mm, the noise of the bearing on the whole machine can be reduced.

6.The influence of assembly accuracy for noise

The assembly quality has a direct impact on the noise control of the hollow shaft rotary table reducer.

Rotary Motion Actuator

Therefore, the hollow rotary table reducer should pay attention to the whole machine assembly:

The gear transmission of each stage is normal, the meshing backlash is ensured, and the tooth surface is well meshed. It is recommended to fix the parts (such as the bushing) and avoid the vibration of the gear end face.

The bearing is installed to avoid improper tapping, avoid collision during bearing transportation and assembly.

Clear the transmission components of the hollow rotary platform reducer as required to avoid bumping of the transmission components during assembly.


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