Modular Design of Reducer Gear Processing And Production

- Jan 05, 2021-

The new design and manufacturing technology of modular combined gear reducer has passed expert appraisal recently. Experts believe that the advent of modular design and manufacturing technology for reducers has broken the traditional cumbersome procedures of single-unit design and single-unit manufacturing of reducers in my country, making domestic reducers enter the market-oriented operation track from design, manufacturing, testing to marketing. The company has realized a historical change from operating a single product to operating the reducer industry.


Sani draws on the strengths of contemporary international design and manufacturing technology, adopts new design concepts, and develops R series coaxial helical gear reducers based on the three major combination systems of input module, output module and support module. There are P series parallel shaft helical gear reducer, K series bevel gear reducer and S series helical gear turbine worm reducer. These four series of products can be arbitrarily combined into more than 5 million new varieties of reducers with different specifications, and can complete the design of any product in an instant according to user needs, then complete the assembly and combination process in a short time through information technology configuration. Manufacture products that users urgently need.