Maintenance instructions for turbine reducers

- Jan 15, 2019-

When the new reducer is used, it needs to be replaced with new oil after 300 hours of continuous rotation. After that, it needs to change oil every 2500 hours. However, the quality of the oil should be checked regularly during the use. If the oil has impurities, aging and deterioration. Must be replaced at any time.

The gear unit of the fixed brand and number should be used for the reducer. It should not be mixed with different brands, numbers or different types of oil. During the oil change process, the inside of the reducer should be cleaned first, and then new oil should be injected.

During use, when the oil temperature is too high (above 80 °C) and abnormal noise, stop using it immediately and check the cause. You can continue to use it after troubleshooting or replacing the oil.

If the extreme cold is below -10 °C, the influence of the ring temperature on the reducer should be considered in the selection. Consider the configuration of the electric heater. This is very important for the lubrication maintenance of the worm gear reducer. Regularly observe the oil level movement. Observe whether there is any abnormality such as noise and vibration.

Proper maintenance uses a worm gear reducer to maximize its effectiveness.