Main Points of Servo Planetary Reducer Inspection

- Feb 23, 2021-

For the servo planetary reducer, we need to maintain it regularly to ensure its working efficiency and extend its service life. Here are some points for the servo planetary reducer inspection.


1. As for the gear box body, changing the casting structure to welded structure is the trend of box structure design. The use of welded structure can reduce the manufacturing cost of the gear box and make the structure compact. Pay additional attention to the welds gap during inspection.


2. Check the noise and abnormal sound during the operation of the servo planetary reducer.


3. The bearing temperature rise inspection can be measured by hand feeling or a simple temperature measuring pen. Generally, it is judged that the lubricating oil temperature rise should not exceed 35 degrees, and the bearing temperature rise should not exceed 40 degrees. If it is abnormal, it should be shut down for maintenance.


4. The bearing vibration inspection of servo planetary reducer requires measurement at the bearing seat, which can be measured with a simple vibration pen. Generally, the vibration velocity is measured at axial, vertical, and horizontal direction. Some planetary reducers have online temperature and vibration detection devices. One is to record the value of each spot check, and the other is to compare data, including comparison on historical data and  similar unit data. If any fluctuations and abnormalities user need to double check and take action quickly.