Three Types of Lubricants for Hollow Rotary Table Reducers

- Jul 27, 2019-

It is special for the lubrication of the gear transmission of the hollow rotary table reducer.

1) Poor condition for forming oil wedge of the gear. The condition of the gear forming the oil wedge is poor;

2) The pressure between the meshing surfaces is large, and the relative sliding size and direction change greatly, and the gears are often in a state of edge lubrication and mixed lubrication;

3) Re-establish the oil film at each meshing, the lubrication is intermittent;

4) The load is large, the friction heat is also great, easy to make the oil temperature increased to accelerate the destruction of the oil film;

5) Influencing factors such as gear material, heat treatment, processing and assembly precision and tooth surface roughness.

Therefore, the rational lubrication design of thegear transmission is very important.

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Types and selection of Lubrication for Hollow Rotary Table Reducer

Types of lubricants for hollow rotary table reducers: There are three types of lubricants for general closed gear transmission:

L-CKB anti-oxidation and anti-rust industrial gear oil, 

L-CKC medium load industrial gear oil,

L-CKD heavy-duty industrial gear oil.

Each of lubricant is divided into several viscosity grades.

How To Sselect the Closed Type Industrial Gear Oils?

1) Select the type of lubricant based on the tooth surface contact stress, gear condition and operating conditions

2) Select the lubricating oil viscosity, first calculate the force-speed factor x=Ks/v, v is the gear peripheral speed (m/s), and Ks is the rolling pressure (MP), which is defined as

Sselect the Closed Type Industrial Gear Oils

The parameters in the formula are the same as above; and based on the obtained x value, the viscosity value (mm2/s) is obtained from the force-viscosity factor map.

3) The viscosity value obtained should also be corrected according to the viscosity correction table such as the working condition of the gear transmission.