Introduction to the turbine reducer

- Dec 27, 2018-

It is a power transmission component that can be used with transmission products such as ordinary motors and continuously variable transmissions. Selection of worm gear reducer frame. In principle, the frame type is determined according to the output shaft diameter of the reducer. As long as the interface form and size match, the output shaft size of the reducer can be floated up and down on the frame model within a certain range. If the frame with the plate is selected, the installation size of the worm gear reducer does not match the frame, and the connection between the speed control plate and the reducer can be achieved within a certain range to meet the user requirements. No support machine is strengthened. The machine reinforces its own support points without shafts. The agitating shaft is the fulcrum of the two supporting bearings of the output shaft of the worm gear reducer, which can be used to transmit small power, is not subject to or only subject to small axial load, and the stirring is not too strong.