Installation And Operation Steps of Hard Tooth Surface Reducer

- Oct 24, 2020-

The use of hard tooth surface reducer is very extensive, its development is very fast, and it has been bringing people the most convenient products. Of course, we must understand its installation and operation steps. The following is a brief introduction to hard teeth Installation steps of surface reducer:

1. Rotate one of the gears by 180 degrees. That is, when the middle bearing hole and the ten holes are completely overlapped, the outer tooth profile is just misaligned, and the position of the tooth heel of the upper plate is exactly the position of the tooth top of the lower plate.

2. Put a piece of gear into the needle gear housing and turn it by hand to see if it is smooth and swinging.

3. Put it in the eccentric bearing, because the bearing hole of the gear is equivalent to the outer shell of the eccentric bearing, so the correct position of the eccentric bearing is that the bearing hole of the lower gear completely contains the cylindrical ball of the eccentric bearing.

4. Put it in the spacer ring.

5. Put it in another piece of hard-toothed reducer gear. It is the key to put this wheel, and the position should be placed according to the last mark you drew.

6. Put on the shaft sleeve and turn it by hand to see if it can be turned and check whether the installation is correct.


This is a brief introduction to the installation and operation steps of the hard tooth surface reducer. I believe that its use will bring you greater convenience in the future.