In which areas does the cam divider have relevant applications

- Jan 21, 2021-

Cam splitter has many significant advantages, such as large transmission torque, compact structure, and small size. Therefore, it has related applications in many fields. It is mainly used to replace traditional mechanisms such as pneumatic control motor and incomplete gear mechanism. . Among them, cam dividers are used in more fields including manufacturing related machinery, food packaging machinery, glass machinery and ceramic machinery, etc.  flat plate divider selection/ precision divider model/intermittent divider company and these automated machinery , acting as a tool to transform continuous operation into stepping action. Relying on its own spatial cam rotation, the mechanism can realize intermittent transmission on the circumferential direction of the intermittent transmission line of defense in various automatic machinery, as well as swing drive manipulators and other functions. The very small splitter contains an input shaft, an output shaft and a cam pair driven by a motor, and the turntable is generally installed on the output shaft. While being widely used, we also hope that a variety of automated machinery with cam dividers should be kept in mind during the use of product maintenance and repair.