Illuminations On Planetary Reducer Classification

- Jan 07, 2021-

We all know that the main function of the planetary reducer is to reduce speed and increase the torque. It is precisely because of these two characteristics that they are widely used in many industries and admired by users. But there are still many people don’t know the specific classification of planetary reducer. Let's take a look now.


1. According to the power, planetary reducer can be divided into high power and small power. These two categories have different performances and can be used on different mechanical equipment.


2. Classified according to the arrangement of the gears planetary reducers can be divided into spur gears and helical gears. The spur gear planetary reducers are cost-effective and are generally used in mechanical equipment with light load and low speed in one direction. The helical gear planetary reducer is more expensive than the spur gear planetary reducer, but the helical gear planetary reducer has advantages of low noise, high accuracy and stable operation. It requires higher manufacturing technology. This is the reason why the price is higher than the spur gear planetary reducer.


3. According to the angle of input shaft and output shaft to classify, planetary reducer can be divided into right-angle planetary reducer and parallel-axis planetary reducer. The input shaft and output shaft of parallel-axis planetary reducer are parallel to each other at 180 degrees. The input shaft and output shaft of the right-angle planetary reducer are at 90 degree right angle, which can achieve 360-degree installation, and it is more widely used.


4. According to the planet carrier, planetary reducer can be divided into single support reducer and dual support reducer. The performance of dual support reducer is much better than former in all aspects, but the price is much more expensive too because of its high manufacturing process requirements. In addition, helical gear planetary speed reducers are all dual-support structures, and spur gear planetary speed reducers can adopt both single and dual support structures.


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