How to Settle Abnormal Noise When the Planetary Reducer is Running?

- Jan 08, 2021-

In recent years, with the rapid development of the machinery industry, various machinery and equipment run faster and have greater loads. At this time, the importance of planetary reducers has been highlighted, and now planetary reducers have gradually become indispensable in various industries device. However, the equipment will have some potential dangers, such as abnormal noise under long-term high-load operation. So how do we deal with the abnormal noise during operation?


1. The parts break and fall off. This abnormal sound is clear and irregular. This is because the planetary reducer bear continuous large load impact. Under the continuous load impact, the bearings, gear teeth and other parts are damaged and peeled off. The damaged part falls off in the body causing abnormal noise. In this case, clean up the dropped parts of the body and replace the damaged parts.


2. There are objects left in the gear box. This kind of abnormal noise is clear and irregular. It may be caused by external objects (such as small parts, assembly tools, etc.) that dropped accidentally during the assembly of the reducer. In this case, open the box in time to remove the objects to avoid further damage.


3. Large bearing clearance. This abnormal sound is clear, continuous and periodic. It will become louder with the speed increase. Bearings are generally composed of inner and outer rings, rolling elements and support frames. Excessive bearing clearance means the clearance between rollers and inner and outer rings is too large. So the rolling elements collide with the inner and outer rings during operation causing abnormal noise.


Abnormal noise may be caused by many aspects. When it occurs frequently, stop the operation and judge the reason based on the characteristics of the abnormal sound, and solve it quickly to avoid unnecessary damage to the gear and unnecessary losses to owners.


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