How to Reduce the Internal Pressure of the Planetary Gearbox?

- Aug 17, 2019-

The temperature and pressure changes caused by the planetary reducer and the external cavity of the reducer caused by high-speed operation indirectly impact its power, long-term rotation speed and life. Sealed bearings and seal rings are used for both the input and output of the IP65 defensive planetary reducer, but the sealed bearings and seal rings also impact the temperature and pressure changes in the external cavity of the reducer.

The temperature and pressure constrained the output power of the planetary reducer with a minimum rotational power of 98%, and 2% of the input energy became cold and thus caused casualties. This loss is importantly due to the friction between the seal roll and the bearing, which increases the temperature of the outer cavity of the planetary reducer. Sometimes the internal low ambient temperature will also add the temperature of the external cavity of the reducer.

Right Angle Planetary Gearbox

There are many ways to increase the pressure on the outer cavity of a planetary reducer:

1.   It is to increase the grease inside the outer cavity of the planetary accelerator model, but this impacts the long-term effective operation and life of the reducer. After the accelerator has been running for a period of time, the grease rapidly travels around, causing the planetary gear of the planetary reducer and the grease on the planetary gear to cause the reducer to increase the load


2.   The high-pressure gas outside the reducer is sent to the outside of the accelerator. However, to ensure the safety of the reducer, and in accordance with environmental advice, there must be no oil, grease, oil mist, etc. dispatched to the inside, in addition to IP6 waterproof, moisture and other protection requirements. People naturally expect to add a one-way exhaust valve. However, this is not suitable for a planetary reducer with a small volumetric output, low rotation efficiency and high reliability. More than two methods are methods for increasing the external pressure of the planetary reducer.