How to Install a Right Angle Planetary Reducer?

- Aug 23, 2019-

Due to the ease of installation, the right-angle planetary reducer can be installed at any angle of 360 degrees and is widely used in various industries. Do you know the step flow and installation method of the right-angle planetary reducer? Next, the Saini Intelligent planetary reducer manufacturers will explain the installation method of the right angle planetary reducer.


First, the installation method of right angle planetary reducer

(1) First confirm that the specifications of the motor gearbox are consistent, and wipe the mounting surface clean;

(2) remove the original key on the motor;

(3) Put the reducer upright into the motor, manually put the screws on, and gently lock the screws with the washers with a wrench in the order of 1-4;

(4) Align the motor and the gear box vertically, and lock the plug with a wrench or other tool;

Second, the advantages:

The right-angle planetary reducer can be installed in all directions without dead angles, with high overload capacity, space saving, reliable and durable, saving time and effort for the R&D department.

Third, the application area

Intelligent manufacturing, equipment power, automatic control, precision monitoring systems, measuring equipment, parking equipment, medical equipment, robots, packaging machinery, robots, brush equipment, food packaging, automated production and other industries are widely used.


Article from Guangdong Saini Intelligent Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd.

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