Do You Know How to Increase the Load Capacity of the Planetary Reducer?

- Oct 17, 2019-

The engineers of Guangdong saini intelligent equipment technology co.,ltd give some advice for reference.

First, the gear shape trimming. it is a good way to use the tooth-shaped trimming, rooting and tooth-end trimming, which can improve the load gear transmission and prevent the overload caused by the error of the tooth direction.

Second, increase the gear modulus, tooth angle. If you want the outer diameter of the device remain constant, you can increase or decrease it to meet the requirements.

Third, increase the tooth width. in the case of the constant outer diameter requirements, appropriately increasing the width of the gear can effectively increase the bearing capacity.

Fourth, Adjust the displacement substitution number. the correct choice can improve 20-30% load capacity.

Fifth, Root reinforcement. When the fatigue strength of the root bending is reduced, the root reinforcement can improve the fatigue strength.

Sixth, Select gears with good materials.

Seventh, The contact stress of the ring gear is the most likely to fail. Therefore, in order to increase the load capacity, it is necessary to ensure the contact stress of the ring gear.