How to Extend The Service Life of Gear Reducer

- Dec 18, 2020-

Recently, many of our customers have asked us how to improve the service life of planetary reducers. I believe this issue is also one of the most concerned issues for all users. Now, Gigager’s engineer will give a detailed answer.


1. First of all, we need to clean the interior of the planetary reducer, because the necessary condition for the reducer to maintain normal operation is to keep the internal parts clean. Any contaminants going inside the reducer will affect and damage its rotating system, greatly reducing the service life.


2. The second is temperature influence to the planetary reducer. The normal working temperature of the planetary reducer avoids the deformation of parts due to excessive temperature, and ensures the normal gear teeth, so as to avoid the noise during the operation of the reducer.

3. The 3rd is timely lubricating oil and correct use of lubricating oil. The reducer needs to be regularly coated with lubricating oil, but unreasonable lubrication or incorrect use of lubricating oil will cause damage to the reducer, thereby affecting the service life, and even make the accuracy of the reducer in the current working situation worse.

4. The 4th is the correct usage to the reducer. The operation of the reducer requires specially trained technicians to operate. Only the correct use of the reducer can avoid damage to the internal parts of the reducer. 

5. Finally, the regular maintenance and maintenance of the reducer affect service life too. Regular maintenance of the reducer can improve the working efficiency of the reducer, stabilize the use status, and increase the service life of the reducer.


The above are ways to extend the service life of the reducer. If you have more questions, please contact Gigager team.