How to Eliminate The Noise of Gear Motor

- Oct 26, 2020-

When the gear motor has some problem, we should check it in time to solve it, as long as we have certain understanding of what problems might be.


1. Damage to the transmission components: During the installation process, the transmission components are damaged due to improper operation, resulting in inaccurate or unstable motion. High-speed moving parts are damaged by the oil film which lead to vibration and noise. Users must pay attention to this during the installation process. Damaged parts that cannot be repaired must be replaced to ensure stable sound level.


2. Vibration reduction and blocking measures: When installing the reducer, try to avoid the resonance between the fuselage and the base support and the connecting parts to produce noise. Gear reducer motors usually have one or more gears inside. Resonance occurs in certain speed range. Except for design reasons, there is a direct relationship between installation and  resonance position in the absence of an empty test. Reducers that require low transmission noise and vibration should use high toughness, high damping substrate to reduce noise and vibration.


3. The parts of the geared motor are loose: due to the loosening of various parts (such as the bearing pre-tightening mechanism, the shaft system positioning mechanism, etc.), the system positioning is incorrect. The abnormal position is engaged, the shaft system moves, and vibration and noise generate. This series needs to be designed from the structure to start, try to ensure the stability of the connection of various mechanisms and adopt multiple connection.


The reason adjusting the geometric accuracy of the components is because the geometric accuracy of the installation does not meet the standard requirements, which cause the gear motor components to resonate and generate noise. This should be directly related to the installation process. Tools should be equipped to ensure the overall skill of the assembly personnel.