How To Deal With The Lock Issue of Planetary Reducer

- Jan 28, 2021-

We have introduced lots of knowledge about planetary reducers before. Do you know there is lock issue on planetary reducer too? Gigager engineer now share with you how to handle the planetary reducer locks up.


planetary reducer series


1. Check whether the motor is faulty and whether it can rotate. Disassemble the planetary reducer and motor to check whether the motor is faulty, and then eliminate the problem of the planetary reducer.


2. Check the load. If load weight is too large, the precision planetary reducer cannot rotate. The motor can be easily burn if this problem still exist. So user must disconnect the deceleration device and the mechanical connection first,  and then check the torque load.


The above are the solution for the lock-up of planetary reducer. Hope it can do some help for you. If you have any doubt or demand for planetary reducer, welcome to contact Gigagers team. Gigager specilize in machinery tranmission field for more than 10 years manufacturing hollow rotary actuator, speed reducer, positioning table, cam indexer, part feeder etc. 

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