How to Calculate the Torque of the Planetary Gearbox

- Aug 23, 2019-

At present, planetary reducers have been widely used in various fields of Chinese industry. The torque of the planetary reducer determines the application field and range of the planetary reducer. The common calculation formula of the planetary reducer torque introduces the output torque and speed of the low-power planetary reducer in some specifications. So how do you calculate the torque of the planetary reducer? The staff of Saini Intelligent Planet Reducer manufacturers will introduce you:

The torque of the planetary reducer is determined by the power speed. The rated output (input) torque of the reducer is determined by the rated transmission power and rated output (input) speed of the reducer. The actual output (input) torque is determined by the actual transmission power (load size) and actual output (input) speed of the reducer. Choose the most suitable reducer model and specifications to ensure safe use and no overload. If the rated output torque of the reducer is not enough, the working machine cannot move, only the reducer can be replaced, the reducer with a larger rated power, or the reducer with a constant rated power and a small output speed.

Reverse calculation:

For the service life of the servo reducer, the calculation of the torque is very important. It should be noted that the maximum torque value (TP) of the acceleration exceeds the maximum load torque of the reducer.

Reduction ratio = servo motor speed / reducer output shaft speed

The applicable power is usually the applicable power of the servo motor on the market. The applicator of the reducer is very high and the working factor can be kept above 1.2. However, you can also choose according to your needs:

There are two main points:

The output shaft diameter of the servo reducer should not exceed the maximum shaft diameter used in the table.

If the torque calculation is successful, the speed can be used for normal operation. However, when the servo output is full and there is a shortage, we can perform current limiting control in the drive on the motor side or torque protection on the mechanical shaft, which is very necessary.

How do you calculate the torque of a planetary reducer? That's it. The planetary reducer is a new type of reducer with a wide range of applications with a maximum input power of 104 kW.

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