How Does The Backhaul Error of The Planetary Reducer Occur?

- Jan 14, 2021-

The precision error of planetary reducer mainly includes transmission error and backhaul error. The planetary reducer has more than one set of gears, and the backhaul error is accumulated by  backhaul error of all gears. So what are the factors that cause backhaul errors? 


1. Assembly error. Errors occur when assembling various parts of the planetary reducer. First of all, there must be installation errors between the shaft and the bearing, the gear and the shaft & the box. The largest of these errors is the base distance error, so it must be key considerations in the installation process.


2. Inherent error. The primary source of the gear backhaul error is the error from ear tooth thickness, tooth width, tooth profile, etc. in the gear machining process. It is impossible to prevent errors in this kind of machining, and we can only try to reduce these error.


3. Errors of other environmental physical elements.Due to the temperature rise and the error of the body's elastic deformation during the operation of the planetary reducer, this error can be prevented by adopting relevant measures.


The above are the main factors that the backhaul error of the planetary reducer occur. We must ensure the accuracy of the reducer and reduce the backhaul error as much as possible. The reducer production and application technology is becoming more and more mature. During this period, the application of several types of foreign gear technology in Chinese reducer industry has gone through a long development process from blindly imitating to independent design. Independent design and manufacturing capabilities can basically meet domestic demand and accelerate the pace of development of the reducer industry.