Application of Hollow Shaft Rotary Table on Papermaking Machinery

- Oct 19, 2019-

The hollow rotary table reducer developed by Saini Intelligent Equipment is used in many equipments. Among them, the paper machine has a hollow rotary table reducer.

Characteristics of hollow rotary table reducer on paper machine

1. Selected raw materials

The hollow rotary table adopts high temperature resistant and high carbon steel to ensure product quality, precision and service life.

2, using a single-stage helical gear

The hollow rotary table decelerates to increase the output torque accuracy below 5

3, high speed

Hollow rotary table with cross roller bearing support, allowing speeds up to 300RPM

4, the installation location is simple

Hollow rotary table has no space limitation and can be positioned at any angle accuracy

5, the product structure is simple and generous

Modular design of hollow rotary table for easy maintenance and durability

6, can support flange customization

The hollow rotary table flexibly changes the size of the interface and is suitable for any brand of servo motor.

Requirements for paper machine for hollow rotary table reducer

1. Direct connection: Simple design enhances reliability.

2. Large-diameter hollow rotary table: simple wiring and piping

3. Positioning accuracy is high

5. Simple OPR: saves the trouble of design and parts purchase


Article from Guangdong Saini Intelligent Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd.

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