Application of Hollow Rotating Table on Paper Machinery

- Oct 15, 2019-

Saini Intelligent Equipment is a professional enterprise that develops and produces hollow rotary table reducer. Main products: hollow rotary table, planetary reducer (servo reducer, servo planetary reducer, planetary reducer), hollow Rotating tables are mainly used in paper processing equipment and other fields.


Introduction to paper processing equipment

The automatic toilet paper rewinder consists of a material returning frame, punching and rewinding, double embossing, gluing compounding, embossing and other elements. Each mechanism has independent encoder motor as power, and is driven by a servo drive. The frequency converter and motion controller complete the speed and synchronous control to achieve constant paper tension.


The system sets the touch man-machine interface to set the speed ratio between the front and rear units. The machine is equipped with low speed jog speed and running speed, and jog is used for threading operation. There is a paper break function. The combination of the paper back frame and the punching and rewinding completes the main function of punching and recombining the large roll of base paper to form a small roll of household paper. The other units only provide auxiliary functions such as embossing or printing patterns on the surface of the paper.


The drive adopts the servo hollow rotary table reducer to better complete the system tension control and the synchronous cooperation between the various mechanisms, greatly improving the stability of the equipment and improving the product yield and production efficiency. The gear material is made of high-grade low-carbon alloy forged steel. After hardening treatment by carburizing and quenching, the hardness can reach HRC60, ensuring gear strength and life.


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