Hollow Rotary Table Reducer Gear Material Selection Requirements

- Jul 22, 2019-

G+ Gigager introduce the hollow rotary table reducer, the hollow rotary table reducer is one of the servo reducer, the motion mode is gear transmission, so the quality of the gear directly has a direct impact on the quality of the rotating table.

Next, we will analyze the requirements for gear material selection for hollow rotary table reducers.


Hollow rotary table reducer gear material selection requirements

Gear material directly affects the bearing capacity and structural size of the hollow rotary table reducer. Reasonable selection of gear material is one of the important contents of the design.

The hollow rotating Table reducer gear material should consider the following requirements:

The tooth surface should have sufficient hardness. The ability of the tooth surface to Anti-pitting, wear resistant, Anti-glue and plastic deformation resistance. The gear core should have sufficient strength and toughness to ensure the root resistance to bending.

In addition, it should have good mechanical processing and heat treatment process; and economical requirements.


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