Gigager’s Reducers for Han’s Laser

- Nov 03, 2020-

Recently Han's Precision launched new product : HMCS-III series harmonic reducer.


HMCS-III series is a one-stop solution which can replace planetary applications:

(1) Small size and light weight. Compact and concise design, cup-shaped standard structure. The weight is about 70% of planet, and axial length is just about 60% of planet;

(2) High precision and high rigidity. The transmission deviation is ≤1arcmin, backlash≤10 arcsec. Excellent positioning accuracy and rotation accuracy;

(3) Convenient installation and simple operation. The input terminal is directly connected to the motor. Standardized connection dimensions with good versatility.


As reliable and stable supplier to Hans Group, Gigager has been exporting to USA, Australia, Germany, India, Russia, Vietnam, Belgium, Norway, Italy, Israel, etc, totally over 30 countries, covering the five continent. 


Since its establishment, the company has been committed to providing customers with high quality and high performance products. Except for Hans Group, Gigagers other clients includes Huawei, DJI, Foxconn, United Winners, BYD Auto, etc.