GIGAGER Reducers Work Well in Foxconn Factories

- Oct 21, 2020-

At present, a large number of industrial robots are used in Foxconn factories in mainland China to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. As domestic labor costs continue to rise while Apple, Foxconn’s major client,  has strong bargaining power, the smart phones production by industrial robots may become Foxconn’s pillar business in future.


Foxconn’s transformation also reflects the current status of Chinese manufacturing. With the aging of the population and the continuous increase in labor costs, Chinese government has issued the program document "Made in China 2025" to implement the strategy of manufacturing power, Hand the transformation of intelligent manufacturing will become a new era. The new development trend of the manufacturing industry has made the industrial robot industry with the concept of automated production promising.


Guangdong Saini Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd is professional manufacturer of Speed Reducer based in China. Main products include Hollow Rotary Actuator, Right Angle Gearbox, Planetary Reducer and Cam Indexer, etc. Our brand G+, also named GIGAGER, it is a leading brand of Precision Rotary Gearboxes in China domestic market. We are the qualified supplier of Foxconn too. Meanwhile we also work with Huawei, HKVision, Hans' Laser, BYD Auto, Goer Tek, Bozhong, DJI, TTI, etc.


As one famous speed reducer brand in China and Taiwan region, G+ products has been exporting to USA, Australia, Germany, India, Russia, Vietnam, Belgium, Norway, Italy, Israel, etc, totally over 30 countries, covering the five continent.