Four Types of Gear Structure of Hollow Rotary Table Reducer

- Jul 29, 2019-

The hollow rotary table is a kind of reducer similar to the planetary reducer. It is a brand-new rotary load device. The hollow rotary table combines high efficiency, high precision, high rigidity and cost performance. It combines servo motor. DD motor and cam indexing table. Next, the technical design of the hollow rotary table reducer gear is analyzed by Guangdong Saini Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd as below.


The gear structure design of the hollow rotary table reducer mainly determines the structural form and size of the rim, hub and web (spoke) of the gear. Hollow rotary table manufacturers usually consider the gear size, material, use requirements, processability and economical factors in the structural design, determine the appropriate structural type, and then determine the structural size according to the empirical data recommended by the design manual. The gear structure of the hollow rotary table reducer has the following four forms:

1.Hollow rotating table reducer gear shaft

When the distance e from the root of the gear to the bottom surface of the keyway is small, such as the cylindrical gear e2.5mm (Fig.1a below), the small end of the bevel gear e1.6m (Fig.1b below), in order to ensure that the hub keyway is sufficient The strength of the gear should be integrated with the shaft to form the gear shaft, as shown in Figure 2 below.

gear shaft

2.Hollow rotating table reducer solid gear

When the tip circle diameter da 200 mm or high speed transmission and low noise is required, the solid structure can be used. Solid gears and gear shafts can be machined from hot rolled or forged blanks


3.Hollow rotating table reducer plate type gear

For the diameter of the tip circle da 500mm, a web structure can be adopted to reduce weight and save materials.

Hollow rotating table

4.Hollow rotating table reducer spoke gear

For the gear diameter, a spoke type structure is used. For the limitation of hand forging equipment, the spoke type gears are mostly forged gears. The spoke cross-sectional shape may be elliptical (light load), cross (medium load), and i-type (heavy load).


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