Gear Reducer Performance Test

- Nov 18, 2020-

The performance of the gear reducer determines whether it can reach the maximum work efficiency. The performance test of the gear reducer can help to extend the service life of the reducer. The gear reduction performance test can help the operator to understand the equipment in more detail.


After you buy the gear reducer, you firstly need to test its performance to see if there is any problem with its quality, and then to make sure that whether it is consistent with the parameters in the description.


Gear reducers are mainly used in various machinery and equipment. These equipment gear reducers affect the efficiency and safety of the equipment. Under normal circumstances, the superior performance of the gear reducer is mainly determined from several parameters.


Reducer speed test as following;


Operate in increments of 10% of the maximum speed of the gear reducer, and record the changes in oil temperature, speed and torque at the same speed. For some bidirectional gear reducers, it is necessary to carry out the test in both positive and negative directions, and the operation is the same as the one-way reducer.