Future Development of The Reducer Industry : Localization

- Oct 10, 2020-

Chinese reducer industry has been developing rapidly since the reform and opening-up. Both the output and the market scale are growing and expanding, but in the market, imported reducers still occupy dominant position. So, the localization is the inevitable way out for the development of the reducer industry.


Compared with domestic reducer, imported reducer actually has some disadvantages:

1. The delivery time of most imported reducers is much longer than the domestic reducers’;

2. The price of most imported reducers is higher than domestic reducers’;

3. The after-sales service of imported reducer is not as direct and fast as of the domestic reducer;

4. With the continuous development of domestic reducer technology, the technical and quality advantages of imported reducers are becoming less obvious.


Therefore, as the nation attaches importance to the development of the reducer industry, domestic players are also paying more and more attention to the research and development of new reducer technologies, and the trend of domestic reducers to replace imported reducers will be inevitable. The industry experts pointed out that although Chinese reducer industry has made some achievements in recent years, we still needs to work harder in the following aspects if we want to exceed international giants:


1. To establish and implement a high-level personalized market concept, emphasize importance of customers’ personalized needs, strive to create personalized market strategy, and occupy the market with "individualized" products.


2. Establish and consolidate high-speed technical production response, and accurately grasp the market conditions with quick response to seize market as soon as possible.


3. Planning and embarking on technological transformation projects at high level, to reorganize, transform and improve the technical level and competitiveness of the domestic reducer industry with high technology, to encourage the introduction, digestion and absorption of key foreign technologies, and accelerate the process of localization.


As a manufacturer specializing in the production of reducers, Saini has established a firm foothold in industries after years of exploration and innovation, and will continue to maintain its advantages in the future to fully promote the sustainable development of the company.