Four Major Processing Technologies for Right-angle Planetary Gearbox

- Aug 23, 2019-

1, Surface Quenching

Common surface quenching methods are high frequency quenching (for small size gears) and flame hardening (for large size gears). The surface hardened hardened layer includes the bottom of the root, which works best.

2, Carburizing and Quenching

Carburized and quenched gears have a relatively large bearing capacity, but a finishing process (grinding) must be used to eliminate heat treatment deformation to ensure accuracy.

Carburized and quenched gears are commonly used in alloy steels with a mass fraction of 0.2% to 0.3% before carburizing. The tooth surface hardness is often in the range of 58% to 62% HRC. If it is lower than 57HRC, the tooth surface strength drops significantly, and when it is higher than 62HRC, the brittleness increases. The hardness of the tooth core is generally 310~330HBW. The hardness of the carburized and quenched gear should be gradually reduced from the tooth surface to the deep layer, and the effective carburizing depth is defined as the surface to the deep layer should be gradually reduced, and the effective carburizing depth is defined as the depth from the surface to the hardness of 52.5HRC.

3, Nitriding

The use of nitriding ensures that the gear teeth achieve high tooth surface hardness and wear resistance under the conditions of minimum deformation, and the final finishing can be omitted after heat treatment, thereby improving the bearing capacity. This has special significance for internal gears that are not easy to grind.

4, Want to Mesh the Hardness of the Gear Combination

When the large and small gears are soft tooth surfaces, the tooth surface hardness of the pinion gear should be higher than that of the large gear. When both wheels are hard toothed and the hardness is high, the hardness of the two wheels is the same.

Choosing a good right-angle planetary reducer material will help improve the bearing capacity and service life of the right-angle planetary reducer.


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